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Why St. Pat's?

How is Catholic Education treated at St. Patrick Cathedral School?
Here at St. Patrick School our focus is on “Spirituality First”.
St. Patrick Cathedral School:
• Fosters a community of knowledge enlightened and enlivened by faith in Jesus Christ.
• We encourage parents to work with us as partners in the spiritual formation of each child.
• We teach Catholic principles and Gospel values enrich religious events including weekly liturgies, daily prayer, seasonal religion events such as Christmastime Posadas, the Crowning of Mary in May, the Burial of the Hallelujah, and the student-led Living Rosary.
• We participate in activities that provide for parent, child, and faculty bonding by encouraging creative projects that link our community in faith.
• Weekly Mass: Every Thursday at 8:30 am, parents are always welcomed to attend.


How does the curriculum at St. Patrick prepare students for high school and college?
Here at St. Patrick Cathedral we foster a Community of Knowledge.
St. Patrick Cathedral School promotes:
• Higher-level learning to prepare students for college-level thinking.
• Rigorous curriculum complemented with real-world applications and project-based learning.
• A focus on Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Analytical Skills to prepare students for entry-level careers and college coursework.
• Gifted and Talented training for 100% of teachers to nurture each child’s unique learning style.


What safety measures are in place at St. Patrick Cathedral School?
Here at St. Patrick School we strive to always protect God’s children.
St. Patrick Cathedral School:
• Requires a VIRTUS Safe Environment Training for all employees, volunteers, and parents.
• Ensures a bully-free environment with a zero-tolerance policy.
• Is equipped with an automated school lockdown system.
• Has limited, secure access to children for authorized family members through use of personalized badges.


What are the school hours?
Here at St. Patrick School we begin our day with daily prayer and announcements. Those begin promptly at 7:40 am.
St. Patrick Cathedral School hours are as follows:
• Monday-Friday from 8:00 am-3:00 pm.


Do students take standardized tests at St. Patrick School?

• Yes, at St. Patrick School we take the IOWA Test of Basic Skills in the Fall and in the Spring.


How is information communicated to parents?

• Parents have access to the St. Patrick Cathedral School Website.
• Weekly informative ENEWS sent home by all teachers.
• Teacher Weebly pages.
• St. Patrick Cathedral School Facebook Page.
• Monthly Newsletter


What is RenWeb?

• Renweb is a grading system used by St. Patrick Cathedral School. You can access the login through the teachers Weebly pages or by simply clicking here.