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Our Curriculum


Student-to-Teacher Ratio


At this time, St. Patrick Cathedral School maintains a 12:1 ratio from 3k through 8th grade. The Kindergarten through 5th-grade classes are taught in self-contained classrooms, while 6th through 8th-grade classes are departmentalized and taught by subject area teachers.

Educational Philosophy

Differentiated instruction is addressed by the classroom teachers in a variety of ways. Teachers use flexible groupings, cooperative learning, and project-based instruction techniques in addition to more traditional teaching methods. Best practice strategies are utilized in order to address the student's learning modalities (visual, kinesthetic, auditory). Instructional aides are employed in kindergarten through fifth grade to assist the teachers in meeting the students’ educational goals.

Continuous Curriculum Improvement

We administer two ITBS (IOWA Testing) formative assessments in grades 1st through 8th. The test results are used to identify areas of strength and weakness and are a measure for in-depth curriculum review and development. Though students in kindergarten through 2nd grade are not formally evaluated, these grade levels are able to utilize the same formative assessments to aid in increasing reading comprehension and math fluency.